Report A Concern


About us: GBIT is dedicated to a proactive, coordinated, and planned approach to the identification, prevention, assessment, management, and reduction of interpersonal and behavioral threats to the safety and well-being of the Gwinnett Technical College community.

The team does not replace disciplinary processes, classroom management, other programs and services, and/or public safety response to incidents. GBIT works within all current college policies and coordinates resources to help students achieve success.

GBIT is not an emergency response team. If you are experiencing an emergency or critical incident, contact Campus Police at (770) 226-7377.

GBIT Goals:

  1. Provide a safe environment for the college community;
  2. Focus on assessing and taking action on behaviors at the lower end of escalation to prevent threats or violence;
  3. Support students, employees, and visitors before a crisis occurs.

What to Report:
In general, any behavior that causes concern for a student, faculty, or staff member’s safety or well-being should be reported.

How to Report
Follow the link below to share your concerns:


What Happens to a Behavioral Report Form?
Once a report is submitted:

  • The report immediately enters a secure database;
  • An automated notification is sent to the GBIT team;
  • The report is reviewed by the GBIT team;
  • Reporter may be contacted for further information if needed;
  • GBIT assesses and determines further action.

For additional information, contact Phil Klein (