ACCUPLACER Placement Test

If you're interested in applying to Gwinnett Technical College but need to update placement test scores, you're in luck!

Both the Lawrenceville and Alpharetta-North Fulton campus Assessment Centers administer ACCUPLACER, a comprehensive battery of tests designed to provide information about students' English, reading, and mathematics skills. The online ACCUPLACER tests include reading comprehension, sentence skills, arithmetic, and elementary algebra. The tests are untimed and testers are only allowed to use the calculator that is provided on the ACCUPLACER screen. Gwinnett Technical College offers the Classic version of the ACCUPLACER Placement test.
ACCUPLACER is a placement test offered by the College Board. It is similar to COMPASS in that it is not timed; it is adaptive; it will test a student's skills in reading, writing and math; and its answers are multiple-choice. A student is allowed one retest per section and must wait 14 days from the original test date. The retest fee is $25 per section.

The tests are:

  • Reading Comprehension – 20 questions
    The test measures your ability to understand what you read, to identify main ideas and to make inferences.
  • Sentence Skills – 20 questions 
    The test measures your understanding of sentence structure - what makes a sentence complete and clear.
  • Arithmetic – 17 questions 
    The test measures your ability to perform basic arithmetic operations and to solve problems that involve fundamental arithmetic concepts.
  • Elementary Algebra – 12 questions
    The test measures your ability to perform basic algebraic operations and to solve problems involving elementary algebraic concepts.

Questions are presented base on individual skill level. A student's response to each question drives the difficulty level of the next question. The score range is 20 - 120. Final scores are based on the number of questions answered correctly and the level of difficulty for those questions.

For all Math Sections – If the math question warrants the use of a calculator, an on-line calculator will open at the top of the page. NO hand-held calculators are allowed.


  1. ACCUPLACER tests are all multiple-choice
  2. There is no time limit on the tests
  3. It can be taken all at once or in parts
  4. Picture ID Required to take test

Location and Schedule:


Tests are not timed but allow at least 2 ½ hours to complete the exam.

Current picture ID is required for admittance. Hand-held calculators are not permitted.

If you need to have your ACCUPLACER or COMPASS scores sent to another institution, please fill out the COMPASS/ACCUPLACER Score Request Form.

Students are highly encouraged to leave all valuables locked up in their car.

Retest Policy: One retake per section is allowed. To retest, you must wait 14 days from the time you took your first ACCUPLACER test. The cost for a retest is $25 per section. Once you begin the Learning Support track, you must complete the required developmental courses.