Gwinnett Tech Posting Record Enrollment Growth for Academic Year

January 16, 2014

Gwinnett Tech Posting Record Enrollment Growth for Academic Year
Fall Semester Enrollment Increase is State's Largest, Spring Semester Keeping Pace

With college students just settling back into classes for Spring Semester, it's clear that Gwinnett Tech is in the midst of a record year for enrollment growth.

The Technical College System of Georgia has released final numbers for fall term, the first half of this academic year, reporting that Gwinnett Tech's enrollment increase of 7.4 percent was the largest in the state.

Fall enrollment at GTC reached an all-time record for the college with 7,180 students registered for classes. The college also posted a 5.7 percent increase in credit hours taken. Gwinnett Tech's enrollment is now double what it was in the fall of 2000.

While not yet final, enrollment numbers for Spring Semester 2014, which began Jan. 6, are keeping pace. After an additional registration period for Term C later this semester, enrollment is projected to remain about 7,000 students.

Key enrollment trends at Gwinnett Tech for the 2013-2014 academic year:

  • The number of students using the HOPE Grant or Scholarship rose 32.6 percent this fall, the first term the restored 2.0 GPA for the Grant was in effect. 37.9 percent of GTC students use the HOPE Program.
  • The number of students using federal Pell Grants rose 9.9 percent this fall to a total of 48.7 percent.
  • Online-only students at GTC have increased 14.5 percent to 798.
  • 4357 students, a 24 percent increase for the term, now take one of 352 hybrid courses, which combine both online and in-class instruction.
  • The college has increased the number of online courses offered by 27.5 percent to 246 courses.
  • GTC now serves 320 veterans, an increase of 23.5 percent over the prior fall term.
  • Dual enrolled students, those earning high school and college credit simultaneously, increased 173 percent and now total 142.

Programs with the largest enrollment increases for fall term include:
Business Administrative Technology 37.1%
Construction 30.8%
(includes the associate degree, PRN to RN bridge and patient care assistant programs)
Business Management 14.7%
Welding 12.8%
Computer Sciences 12.6%
Imaging Sciences 10.5%

Gwinnett Tech's largest programs are:
Healthcare/Health Sciences 2399
Computer Sciences 1051
Business Administrative Technology 452
Business Management 375
Accounting 290
Early Childhood 248
Automotive 241
Criminal Justice 226

GTC offers more than 45 degree, diploma and certificate program options that you can finish in two years or less. For more information on all programs, visit or call 770-962-7580.

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