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Georgia has partnered with state agencies, private organizations, and businesses to find solutions that ensure a workforce pipeline for companies. The HOPE Career Grant (formerly Strategic Industries Workforce Development Grant) directly addresses specific workforce needs. HOPE Career Grant is available to Georgia residents who are enrolled in a certificate or diploma program. You must be eligible for, and receiving, the HOPE Grant or Zell Miller Grant to be awarded the HOPE Career Grant. It provides assistance with educational costs that are not covered by the HOPE or Zell Miller Grants.

The HOPE Career Grant is also awarded based on your enrollment status each semester. See chart below:
Credit Hours Award Amount
​9+ Credit Hours $500 per semester 
3-8 Credit Hours $250 per semester
​1-2 Credit Hours ​$125 per semester

To receive the HOPE Career Grant, you must be enrolled in one of the following programs of study:

Program of Study Program Code
Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welder-Certificate OSM1
Air Conditioning Electrical Technician - Certificate ACK1
Air Conditioning System Maintenance Technician - Certificate AZ21
Air Conditioning Technology - Diploma ACT2
Automotive Chassis Technician Specialist – Certificate ASG1
Automotive Climate Control Technician - Certificate AH21
Auto Electrical/Electronic Systems Technician - Certificate AE41
Automotive Engine Performance Technician – Certificate AE51
Automotive Engine Repair Technician - Certificate AE61
Automotive Fundamentals – Diploma AF12
Automotive Technology - Diploma AT14
Automotive Transmission/Transaxle Tech Specialist – Certificate AA71
Carpentry – Diploma CA22
Central Processing Technology - Certificate CF71
Certified Construction Worker - Certificate CCW1
Child Development Specialist - Certificate CD61
Commercial Construction Estimator – Certificate CCK1
Commercial Construction Contract Administrator – Certificate CCL1
Computer Programming – Diploma CP24
Computed Tomography Specialist - Certificate CT91
Construction Management – Diploma CM12
Construction Manager - Certificate CM81
Cybersecurity - Diploma IS12
Cybersecurity - Certificate IS81
Early Childhood Care and Education Basics - Certificate EC31
Early Childhood Care and Education -Diploma ECC2
Early Childhood Program Administration - Certificate ECP1
Finish Carpenter – Certificate FC31
Flux Cored Arc Welder - Certificate FC61
Framing Carpenter – Certificate FC71
Game Development – Diploma CSD4
Game Developer - Certificate CSZ1
Gas Metal Arc Welder - Certificate GM31
Graphic Design for the Web – Certificate GDF1
Heavy Diesel Service Technician - Certificate HD31
Java Programmer – Certificate JP11
LINUX/UNIX System Administrator - Certificate LA31
Logistics Management Specialist – Certificate LM21
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Specialist – Certificate MRI1
Medical Front Office Assistant - Certificate MF21
MOPAR CAP Electrical - Certificate MC21
MOPAR CAP Engine Performance - Certificate MC31
MOPAR CAP - Diploma MCD2
Networking Specialist - Diploma NS14
PC Repair and Network Technician – Certificate PR21
Photovoltaic Systems Installation and Repair Tech - Certificate PS11
Refrigeration System Service Technician - Certificate RS21
Website Developer – Certificate ISE1
Website Design/Development - Diploma IS64
Welding and Joining Technology - Diploma WAJ2

For more information, visit www.GAFutures.org.