Course evaluations are part of the continuous improvement process at Gwinnett Technical College. The process involves the survey of students to gain information that can help the faculty make improvements.

At the midpoint of each term, including the mini-mesters, students are sent an email from the office of institutional research and effectiveness asking them to complete an online Course/Instructor evaluation.  The email request includes the survey link and one email is generated for every class in which they are enrolled, whether face-to-face or online.

Course evaluations are administered in a confidential manner and the results are kept confidential. Evaluations are used to record student satisfaction with course and instructor. Additionally, student satisfaction with college services is evaluated. Once the evaluation period closes, results are tabulated and reports are generated by the office of institutional research and effectiveness to track average college, department, and/or program satisfaction over time. Results are sent to the VPAA, Deans, Program Directors, and individual instructors so that they may use the results in management and decision-making processes. Instructors are encouraged to use the results to improve their methods of instruction.


The New Student Survey is conducted online at the beginning of every semester.  The main purpose of the study is to collect empirical data on new students, including background information, educational objectives, expectations for services, perception of Gwinnett Tech, and reasons for attending Gwinnett Tech.  The online survey is administered during each student’s first semester of registration for classes.

Noel-Levitz Surveys are conducted every two years through Noel-Levitz Higher Education Consulting.  Three types of surveys are administered to the following population: face to face students, online students, and staff and faculty.  The surveys are Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI), Priorities Survey for Online Learners (PSOL), and Institutional Priorities Survey (IPS).  Students, staff and faculty are asked to make judgments on various topics and areas of the college based on the level of importance and level of satisfaction.  Results from both groups are compared and used to assess overall satisfaction with campus services. Noel-Levitz surveys​ also provide comparative data against all community colleges that completed the survey. The additional results enable the GTC community to understand how it performs on certain indicators as compared to all participating community colleges as a group.