Generally, a student must be admitted to the college before receiving accommodations from the Disability Services Office. A student must notify the Disability Services Office of their current schedule prior to the beginning of the semester they wish to receive services. Services are not automatically offered each semester. Please read all of the information below before contacting the Disabilities Service Office.

Step 1 
Please read the overview of Disability Services at Gwinnett Technical College and the U.S. Department of Education's Students with Disabilities Preparing for Postsecondary Education: Know Your Rights and Responsibilities.

Step 2 
Student Request for Disability Services: Intake Form
The Student Request for Disability Support Intake Form will provide the Disability Services Office staff the information required to make an informed decision regarding student accommodations based on their documentation. Please review the Confidential Disclosure Statement. This form will show who may be provided information regarding your disability. This form also allows authorizes Gwinnett Technical College faculty/staff to discuss your disability with other applicable support agencies.

Step 3 
Records Release
If you cannot provide current documentation, please request the appropriate documents from your physician or disability specialist. The Records Release Form allows your counselor or physician to release your records to the Disability Services Office for assessment. This document must outline your disability according to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Please complete your name, social security number, and the information regarding your physician. In completing this form you are allowing your counselor/physician to release your disability records to Gwinnett Technical College Disability Services for evaluation.

Step 4
Upon completion of these forms and obtaining current documentation of your disability, please call the Disability Services Office for an appointment to review your documentation and discuss eligibility and appropriate accommodations. We are not able to initiate services until all of the student information is current and complete.